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Ginger Communications

A Few Words About Us

Our creativity
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Ginger Communications is an energetic, very flexible, boutique PR agency with global aspirations. We are bijou in size but big at heart and vision. And we will always go that extra mile to bring the best results for our partners.

We manage and nurture reputations for ambitious brands and people. We breathe at the intersection of conversation and innovation. We partner with top minds to change the way businesses and people talk. We specialise in building up messaging. Making your story more splendid, colourful, inspiring or simply less complicated in order to deliver business value. We challenge our clients to do more to stay ahead and demand that they challenge us to be valuable and evolving. We drive communications that are strategically sound and strive to forge personal relationships, breakthrough results, and lasting impact.

We work with clients at any stage; from brand inception to effective awareness and growth. We work great with clients that are managing a watershed moment - launching a new product, seeking funding, going through a branding shift or implementing a new strategy. We specialize in media relations, marketing automation, crisis communications, communication content development, influencer marketing, celebrity management and corporate strategy. We also offer digital marketing and reputation management services.

Our ethos is simple: we passion.

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PR & Communications Strategy


Celebrity Brand Ambassadors & Endorsement

Brand Development
& Ideation

Brand to Brand Partnerships

Event Organizations & Management

Negotiations & Deals Management


Reputation & Personal Sponsorship Management

The people we represent

Filippos Ioannou


Lydia Papaioannou


Nikos Moutsinas


Kostas Maliatsis


Giorgos Lentzas


Evridiki Valavani


Konstantinos Vasalos


Evelyn Kazantzoglou


Christina Kontova

Fashion Designer/Entrepreneur

Katrina Tsantali


ALittle Shelter

Animal Rescue & Adoption Center

Cj Jeff

DJ & Producer

Madame Ginger

Food Blogger/YouTuber

Makis Papasimakopoulos

TV Presenter & Content Creator

Matina Nikolaou


Andreas Voulgaris




Kiriakos Balaskas

Darkside Tattoo Society

Dark Side Tattoo Society

Darkside Tattoo Society

Kostas Anagnostopoulos


Kostas Kokkinakis


Alexandros Maliatsis


Sandy Koutsostamati


Marilena Patera

Walking Closet
what our clients are saying


We always thought that souvlaki, pizza, burger, coffee and a little bit of love would be the only things to keep us happy. Angelique brought us the extra va-va-voom we so crave, by bringing us closer to our collaborators, contributing invaluably to our campaigns and projects and spreading her energy and enthusiasm in every step.


After working with Angelique as our P.R. partner in numerous successful initiatives for our clients adidas & Athenian Brewery, we have come to believe that the quote “I know a guy, who knows a guy” was probably written for her [a.k.a Ginger]. Highly dedicated and very hard working, she is always in the position of grasping the needs of the project, and always gets to create targeted and successful proposals. If we could say something more about her work, that would be “she influences the influencers in the best way“, so that the client ends up with a successful P.R. campaign.

Angelique is our fav go-to girl in Greece! She is highly skilled and executes all tasks in a very professional manner. She is dedicated, hardworking and does everything with the friendliest smile. Angelique is our trusted advisor and we can’t wait to work with her again!

Working with Angelique is such a great and absolute pleasure. Talking with her is more a lifetime experience one could say than anything else! She is unexpectedly straightforward and sincere which only gets the team (her and us) to go beyond. She is incredibly professional and is really someone you can count on to really get the job done.


There is no doubt that if you need a Marketing and Communications Consultant who is deeply connected to the heart of the new age culture, Angelique is who you need. Angelique has deep experience in digital media and YouTube in particular, and is therefore able to develop very effective marketing strategies. But more to this, clearly being a people person, she is a trusted advisor for the most personal branding, coaching and consulting us impressively. It is no surprise to me that she has earned such an impressive reputation and I thoroughly enjoy working with her.

Kostas Maliatsis

We were once trying to come up with someone who could run a project instead of Angelique as she would be abroad at the time. Turns out there is abso-fuckin-lutely no one who does what she does, how she does it. From creative brainstorming to stunning negotiations and from celebrity handling to talented individual spotting, she owns it 100%

A good PR & marketing communications professional can make a huge difference to both individuals and businesses. Angelique is not only highly qualified but very experienced, modern and skillful in her delivery of strategic solutions that meet our brief and deliver results. She is a delightful person to work with, and a true partner who has the ability to grasp our business needs, taking into deep consideration the A.X.F culture. She is always on the lookout for opportunities and getting the most out of them

They say in business no one is irreplaceable.
Well, this girl actually is.

Lydia Papaioannou

Besides tea and sushi, you need to put some Ginger in your life and your business! Awesome taste, valuable partner, trusted advisor, best outcome. 3 years and moving on… #Keep Gingering

Savas Poumpouras
Angeliki Douka

The Ginger girl

I am a Marketing & Communications Strategist focused in brand building and multi-channel communication development. My expertise is to communicate brand messages through authentic and strategic partnerships between brands, celebrities, and influencers to reach target audiences.

My background and education consist of a mixed blend between Business Management, HR and PR. In 2006 I graduated Deree College with a BSc in Entrepreneurship Management, then in 2007 I graduated London School of Economics (LSE) with and MSc in Human Resources and Organisations. I have worked for multinational companies as Ericsson, then for one of the biggest greek PR agencies of the 00’s and in 2015 I was designated Head of PR of ANT1 TV.

Leveraging my experience as a successful business owner, I am known for putting my client’s best interest at heart. The use of innovative marketing & PR techniques fascinates me, whereas am also considered to be a skilled negotiator. I strongly believe that it is not only my duty to represent my clients at the best of my ability, but also to educate them throughout every next step of the process armed with top notch information and market insight.

I am a firm believer to giving back. As well said by Robert G. Ingersoll, "we rise by lifting others”: to move forward you have to give back.

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